Public Sociology group brings together activists, scholars, and community leaders

Public Sociology Workshop on Community and Society

Public Sociology @ Western has collaborated with the London Public Library to conduct a one-day workshop addressing two very pressing issues in our community.

This workshop brings together a series of activists, scholars, and community leaders to share their innovative, insightful perspectives on these topics. It will feature sessional talks and open-forum discussion on the following prevalent public issues: 

“Sexual Identity and Gendered Violence” (morning session 10:30am - 12:15pm)

“Food Production, Labour and the Community” (afternoon 1:15pm - 3:00pm)

The Public Sociology @ Western group's vision for a “Public" Sociology is one that integrates scholarly, community, and activist knowledge in an open, public setting.  This event aims to provide participants with fresh and practical insight into the ways that various “Private Troubles” faced by individual people may be understood within the context of broader “Public Issues”—and therefore as matters of societal, institutional, and political significance.  In each session, our diverse panel of speakers will illuminate intersecting dimensions of these issues.

You are invited to join us as our speakers discuss their perspectives on these issues, and we also welcome you to share your own insights and point-of-view in the open-forum discussions that follow each set of speakers.