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Sociology Colloquium Series

The Sociology Colloquium Series is open to the public, students and scholars of any discipline. The organizers for 2016-17 are Dale Ballucci and Rachel Margolis.

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Jenny Trinitapoli

Dr. Jenny Trinitapoli
Associate Professor of Sociology
University of Chicago

SSC 5220

Peter Fallesen

Dr. Peter Fallesen
Associate Professor of Sociology,
Swedish Institute for Social Research, Stockholm University

Senior Researcher
Rockwool Foundation Research Unit, Copenhagen

SSC 5220

Annie Bunting

Annie Bunting, LL.M.
Associate Professor
Department of Social Science
York University

SSC 5220

Natasha Pilkauskas

Natasha Pilkauskas
Ford School of Public Policy
University of Michigan

SSC 9420

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Contact socevent@uwo.ca if you have any questions or suggestions regarding this speaker series.Location & Accessibility