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Inequality, Power, and Social Regulation

Faculty members in this area explore social inequality along multiple dimensions including class, race, ethnicity and immigration status, sexuality, and gender. They also examine the ways in which social institutions, social processes and social practices (included those related to crime, policing and surveillance) are infused with, and shaped by power. Examples of research in this area include studies of citizenship and identity, education and social inequality, the relationship between economic inequality and political attitudes in cross-national perspective, policing and terrorism studies, and income inequality and crime across nations.

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Faculty Experts in Inequality, Power, and Social Regulation

Tracey Adams, Professor
Chair, Department of Sociology

Tracey Adams
  • Professions, gender and work
  • Regulation of professions in Canada (alternate health professions)

519-661-2111 x85142
SSC 5328
office hours: by appointment
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Anton Allahar, Professor

Anton Allahar
  • Economic and political sociology of the Caribbean
  • Ideology, ethnicity, class and nationalism

519-661-2111 x85116
SSC 5206
office hours: Mon & Wed 8:15-9:00am or by appointment
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Robert Andersen, Professor
Dean, Faculty of Social Science

Robert Andersen
  • Political sociology
  • Social stratification
  • Quantitative research methods and statistics

519-661-2111 ext. 84958
SSC 9438
office hours: by appointment
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James Côté, Professor

James Côté
  • Youth studies
  • Sociology of education
  • Identity studies

519-661-2111 x85118
SSC 5208
office hours: by appointment
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Michael Gardiner, Professor

Michael Gardiner
  • Theories of affect (especially boredom)
  • The everyday
  • Utopia
  • Dialogical social theory (the work of Mikhail Bakhtin in particular)

519-661-2111 x85139
SSC 5424
office hours: by appointment
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Laura Huey, Professor

no photo
  • Policing
  • Victimization
  • Trauma and resiliency
  • Research and policy

519-661-2111 x85151
SSC 5213
office hours: by appointment
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Wolfgang Lehmann, Associate Professor
Undergraduate Chair, Department of Sociology

Wolfgang Lehmann
  • Work
  • Education
  • Social inequality
  • The interplay between structural factors and individual agency in school-work transitions

519-661-2111 x85385
SSC 5430
on Sabbatical
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Julie McMullin, Professor
Vice-Provost (International)
Director, Workforce Aging in the New Economy

Julie McMullin
  • How class, age, gender, ethnicity, and race, structure inequality in paid work and families

519-661-2111 x86409
StvH 3107G
On leave, serving as Vice-Provost (International)

Scott Schaffer, Associate Professor

Scott Schaffer
  • Contemporary and global social theory
  • The sociology of development
  • Resistance movements
  • The interplay between sociological theory, social policy, and social change

519-661-2111 x85122
SSC 5411
office hours: by appointment
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Jerry White, Professor Emeritus
Director, Aboriginal Policy Research Consortium (International)
Co-Director, Indigenous Health and Well-being Initiative
Director, IndigiLINK World Social Networking for Indigenous Scholars, Communities, Educators and Policy Makers

Jerry White
  • Aboriginal Well-being
  • Social and Economic development of Indigenous peoples
  • Educational attainment of Indigenous peoples

519-661-2111 x85230
SSC 5412
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