Population Change and Lifecourse

International Symposium on Aging Families

University of Victoria
June 3-4, 2013, Concurrent with the Annual Congress of the Humanities and Social Sciences

Organizer: Zheng Wu, Leader of the PCLC Thematic Committee on Families
Co-Sponsored by: University of Victoria’s Sociology department, Faculty of Social Sciences; and the Population Research Group.


The PCLC promotes research that provides academics and policy makers with a deeper understanding of the relationship between population structure and the lives of individuals. The goal of the symposium was to examine new research on topics related to aging families and by all accounts this was successfully met. The symposium participants shared their latest research, had opportunity in formal and informal setting to (re)connect with colleagues from near and far and thoroughly enjoyed the beautiful west coast weather.

The original plan was for a small workshop on aging families. But due to the depth and breadth of papers submitted from various parts of the globe, the event became an international symposium


Over the course of a day and a half, six thematic sessions were held with a total of 21 presentations. The thematic topics covered various aspects of aging families, including:

Each session had three or four presentations. The event was very well attended, with 40-50 people at each session.


The symposium brought together well respected scholars, graduate students, government researchers and policy analysts from across Canada, the US, China, and the UK. This exciting mix of academics and policy analysts generated interesting exchanges of information and perspective. Two high profile scholars on aging were invited to present:

The symposium was pleased to welcome numerous members from the BC government’s Seniors Directorate. These participants helped broaden the exchange of knowledge and viewpoints.

Knowledge Mobilization:

Due to the high calibre of papers/presentations, it was determined that select symposium papers would be published in a Special Issue of the Canadian Journal on Aging. The Special Issue is expected to be published in 2015 with Zheng Wu as the Special Issue Editor.